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Updated March 15, 2011

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Organization & Agency Contacts
Identification & Eligibility for Gifted Programs & Services
Gifted Program Options
State Laws, Regulations, & Legal Issues: Due Process, Filing a
Reports and Statistics
Summer Opportunities

Organization & Agency Contacts  

Links to District, School, and Parent Group Websites
School District Gifted Coordinators/Contacts  – contact
Donnajo Smith, Program Specialist for Gifted or the local school district.
Florida Association for the Gifted
Florida Federation of Council for
Exceptional Children
Department of Education Contact for Gifted
Donnajo Smith,
Program Specialist for Gifted
Florida Department
of Education Gifted Webpage
University Endorsement and Graduate Programs for GiftedUniversity of South Florida –
Gifted Endorsement Courses and
Online Masters Degree in Gifted Education
  (2 yr. program)University of Central Florida –
Endorsement Certificate in Gifted Education & Masters in Curriculum & Instruc. – Specialization in Gifted

Identification & Eligibility for Gifted Programs & Services  
Eligibility for gifted programs is governed by FL Administrative Rule:
6A-6.03019 Special Instructional Programs forStudents Who Are Gifted 

Gifted Program Options
Although the State of Florida currently mandates identification & services for gifted students, the types and quality of services are left to local districts and schools to determine.
is a draft resource guide from the Florida Department of
Education, which includes acceptable gifted program delivery models.
Acceleration Mechanisms  (IB, AICE, dual enrollment, early admission, credit by exam)

State Laws, Regulations, &
Legal Issues  
Services for students in Florida who meet
“gifted” eligibility requirements are mandated by state statute, regulated
by Department of Education Administrative Rules, and funded annually by
the FL Legislature.
FLORIDA EDUCATION STATUTES(Laws established by the Legislature)
Title XLVIII – K-20 Education Code
Florida’s “gifted mandate”

1001.01 Definitions
3)(a)  EXCEPTIONAL STUDENT.–The term “exceptional student” means any
student who has been   determined eligible for a special program in
accordance with rules of the State Board of Education. The term includes
students who are gifted and students with disabilities who are mentally
handicapped, speech and language impaired, deaf or hard of hearing,
visually impaired, dual sensory impaired, physically impaired, emotionally
handicapped, specific learning disabled, hospital and homebound, autistic,
developmentally delayed children, ages birth through 5 years, or children
with established conditions, ages birth through 2 years, with
established conditions that are identified in
State Board of Education rules pursuant to s.1003.21(1)(e).
education services” means specially designed instruction and such
related services as are necessary for an exceptional student to benefit
from education. Such services may include: transportation; diagnostic
and evaluation services; social services; physical and occupational
therapy; speech and language pathology services; job placement;
orientation and mobility training; braillists, typists, and readers for
the blind; interpreters and auditory amplification; rehabilitation
counseling; transition services; mental health services; guidance and
career counseling; specified materials, assistive technology devices,
and other specialized equipment; and other such services as approved by
rules of the state board.

1003.57  – Exceptional Student Instruction

Funding for gifted education in Florida is provided through the ESE
Guaranteed Allocation, which is basically a block grant. The legislature
may choose to increase the funding due to increase in the cost of
living and/or increases in the number of students identified as

1011.62 –
Funds for operation of schools

For students identified as
exceptional who do not have a matrix of services and students who are
gifted in grades K through 8, there is created a guaranteed allocation
to provide these students with a free appropriate public education, in
accordance with s.

(4)(m) and rules of the State Board of Education, which shall
be allocated annually to each school district in the amount provided in
the General Appropriations Act. These funds shall be in addition to the
funds appropriated on the basis of FTE student membership in the Florida
Education Finance Program, and the amount allocated for each school
district shall not be recalculated during the year. These funds shall be
used to provide special education and related services for exceptional
students and students who are gifted in grades K through 8.Beginning
with the 2007-2008 fiscal year, a district’s expenditure of funds from
the guaranteed allocation for students in grades 9 through 12 who are
gifted may not be greater than the amount expended during the 2006-2007
fiscal year for gifted students in grades 9 through 12.


(State Board of Education Rules which implement the statute/s & are
developed by the Dept. of Education, with public input & voted on by the
Florida State Board of Education (not the Legislature.)

Florida’s Administrative Code – FAC Online (searchable database)
State Board of Education Rules


In Florida, gifted ed. falls under
Exceptional Student Education. Any rule title or phrase in a rule
which states “exceptional student education” or “exceptional students”
includes students who are gifted.  A rule title or phrase in a rule
stating “students with disabilities does not refer to gifted
Each district
adopts policies and procedures implementing the state statutes and
rules. These are public documents and may be requested from your
district.  The title of the document is:

Policies and Procedures for the Provision of Specially Designed
Instruction and Related Services for Exceptional Students,

often referred to
as the
SP & P.*

6A-6.03019 Special Instructional

Students Who Are Gifted

The “Gifted
Rule” governing student eligibility for gifted service in Florida..


Procedural Safeguards for Exceptional Students
who are Gifted

regarding notice, informed consent,private evaluation for gifted
eligible students.. Complaint procedures.


Identification and Determination of Eligibility of Exceptional
Students for Specially Designed Instruction

The state
mandated process and procedures for the formal identification of
exceptional students, including for gifted programs/services..


Development of Educational Plans for Exceptional Students Who are

The state
mandated process for the development and review of a gifted
student’s education plan.


Specialization Requirements for the Gifted Endorsement

for teachers of the gifted.
Note: the teacher may be working on the coursework while teaching
gifted students.

6A-6.0034  Temporary Assignment of Transferring Exceptional

6A-6.0312 Course Modifications for Exceptional



Educational Plans for students who
transfer school districts within Florida



Challenge Grant Program for the Gifted


grants for districts/teachers of the gifted awarded annually.
(and fought for annually during the
legislative funding process!)

Course Descriptions For Grades 6-12, Exceptional Student Education

6A-6.03411  Policies and Procedures for the Provision of
Specially Designed Instruction and Related Services for Exceptional Students

The rule spells

out for districts what must be
included in their local policies and procedures

(SP & P) document regarding
exceptional student programs & services.

DOE Technical Assistance Papers &
  – guidance provided to school districts.




State Complaint Process

Request for Due Process Hearing



Monitoring and Compliance 
ESE Program

“In carrying out its roles of leadership, resource allocation, technical
assistance, monitoring, and evaluation, the Bureau of Instructional
Support and Community Services is required to examine and evaluate
procedures, records, and programs of exceptional student education;
provide information and assistance to school districts; and assist the
districts in operating effectively and efficiently.”

Due Process

Procedural Safeguards for Gifted


Summaries of Due
Process Hearing in Exceptional Student Education
    (not up to date)

Summary of Agency Orders
(not up to date)


Reports & Statistics    
Important OPPAGA Reports

Report No. 10-36
Some Progress Made in Monitoring Services for
Gifted Students; Additional Steps Needed, published in April 2010.
No. 08-01
Florida’s Gifted

(note: this study lacked validity & reliability)
No. 95-45
Information Brief of Florida’s K-12 Gifted Program (March
No. 96-06
Review of Florida’s K-12 Gifted Program (September 1996)Report
No. 96-83
Review of the Exceptional Student Education Program (April

Review of Florida’s Education Funding System – 1996
No. 95-50
Florida’s Education Funding System (April 1996)Report
No. 95-43
Florida’s Education Finance System Compared to Other States
(March 1996)


Summer Opportunities for
Gifted Students    
under construction

Governor’s Summer Program  – provides an opportunity for Florida’s outstanding gifted
and high-achieving students to participate in and use the resources of the
universities and colleges of the State of Florida. Program proposals are
submitted annually. Check with the
coordinator/contact for your school district regarding upcoming
program information.

under construction
– Sponsored by the Florida Association for the Gifted.